It's time to get you water bar. Get your Refreshing deal now!
It's time to get you water bar. Get your Refreshing deal now!

Be smart with your water.

Klear specializes in providing water-related equipment to both the business/institutional sector and the private sector. This equipment is designed for drinking, purifying, and enhancing water quality. We offer a range of solutions for cold water and water dispensers for hot and cold beverages. Klear is a leader in the market for importing and selling water softeners and reverse osmosis systems for businesses.

Our Products

MyBar Touch
Noga Shabbat
We offer the most advanced water filtration and purification systems in the world. Our systems are customized to your needs and certified to the strictest standards.

Why Choose Klear

Anti-scale Products

Scale can cause significant damage to home plumbing and many electrical appliances, which we all use every day. Klear has a variety of high-quality and advanced anti-scale solutions and products in Israel. All of the solutions offered meet the most stringent standards and guarantee you effective filtering and clean water. We would be happy to customize the best possible anti-scale protection for you, according to your needs and your place of residence.

Solutions for the religious public

We have innovative and advanced solutions that are specifically designed for the religious public. You can enjoy a stylish and high-quality mini bar, which is the only approved solution that allows you to enjoy cold and hot water on Shabbat We are happy to assist you, advise you and offer you the products that are optimally suited to your requirements and needs.

Service for Institutions and Businesses

We offer a wide range of advanced products and solutions, tailored specifically to institutions and businesses, of all sizes and from all industries. Our products include: water coolers and coolers for cold water, sophisticated mini-bar units for cold and hot drinks and advanced solutions for preventing limescale. We are committed to providing quality solutions that are tailored to the individual needs and the number of drinkers of each business.

The most advanced water filtration and purification systems in the world! Customized to the customer’s needs.
For pure, healthy and tastier water all year round.

Klear’s Benefits

Water bars for the environment

In 2022, everyone is already aware of the high importance of protecting the environment. Therefore, this is exactly the time, to abandon the use of the polluting plastic bottles and move to an innovative water bar, which will provide high-quality, tasty drinking water, available throughout the hours of the day - and the drinking of which will not involve obligation, feelings of guilt.

Water and physical activity

Everyone is aware of the high importance of drinking water, in everything related to maintaining the health of the body. At the same time, for professional and amateur athletes, the importance of drinking water will be even higher! Not many of those who engage in physical activity are aware that they must drink before, during and after the activity.

The whole family drinks more

Much is said about the importance of water to our bodies, and not without reason, the list of benefits inherent in drinking water is long, where, among the most prominent benefits: improvement of the digestive processes in the body, assistance in the regeneration of body cells and tissues, increased skin moisture, assistance in normal blood flow, reducing the risk of their formation of various diseases.

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