It's time to get you water bar. Get your Refreshing deal now!
It's time to get you water bar. Get your Refreshing deal now!

Noga Shabbat

Noga Shabbat has an innovative and curved design, allowing for very simple operation.

Additional information:

  • Connects directly to the water system and provides filtered, clear and tasty drinking water.
  • Noga Shabbat mini bar meets the most stringent standards, including the European CE standard and is approved for marketing by the Standards Institute according to standards 900 and 1505.
  • Digital display for easy and user-friendly operation, with the option to adjust water temperatures.
  • Provision of very hot and cold water. Cooling coil for the provision of very cold water.
  • Instant boiling button. 3 taps – hot, cold and lukewarm.
  • Noga Shabbat water bar includes a built-in safety tap to prevent children from accessing hot water!
  • Separate stainless steel tanks, with an external heating body to prevent contact with water.
  • Energy-saving, including a special Shabbat energy-saving mechanism!
  • Very quiet!
  • 50 cups of full-boiling hot water and up to 80 cups of cold water per hour!
  • Hot water temperature up to 99 degrees Celsius (kettle boils at 95-96 degrees Celsius).
  • Cold water temperature from 3 degrees Celsius – very large tank.


45 cm height, 31 cm width, 32 cm depth – with a modern and rounded design!

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